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Nimiwari Press Kit

“A phenomenal voice and great songwriter, giving me goosebumps whenever we collaborate. She masters the whole range from intimate and warm to powerful and intense, whether it’s r&b, house, jazz or anything in between. ” - Krewcial, CEO and Founder of Delachaud Records

Nimiwari's Bio

Bridging two worlds with her evocative voice, Nimiwari stands as an emblem of the richness that arises from diverse roots. Having grown up amid the contrasting rhythms of Lagos, Nigeria, and the soulful hum of the American Deep South, her music paints a vivid tapestry of her unique journey. Her influences are undeniable: the sheer power and emotion reminiscent of Whitney Houston, the spiritual gravitas of Yolanda Adams, and the iconic African essence of Miriam Makeba.


Nimiwari's natural flair for songwriting emerged at an incredibly young age. By the time she was 7, she was already writing songs and harmonies with her siblings and knew that a career in music was inevitable for her. “Growing up, English was our first language – music was our second,” she says.  


After having several collaborations on rotation in Europe with Krewcial of Delachaud Records, and in the U.S. on DJ Spen’s Quantize Records, New York based Quincy Boy Records, and DJ Lenny Fontana’s Karmic Power Records, Nimiwari is gearing up for the release of her first solo project. The self-titled EP, "Nimiwari" will introduce listeners to an artist whose voice transcends barriers and reminds us of the power of music to uplift, inspire, and unite.


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Nimiwari Live!

Nimiwari Live!

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