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About Nimiwari



Bridging two worlds with her evocative voice, Nimiwari stands as an emblem of the richness that arises from diverse roots. Having grown up amid the contrasting rhythms of Lagos, Nigeria, and the soulful hum of the American Deep South, her music paints a vivid tapestry of her unique journey.


Her influences are undeniable: the sheer power and emotion reminiscent of Whitney Houston, the spiritual gravitas of Yolanda Adams, and the iconic African essence of Miriam Makeba.


Nimiwari's natural flair for songwriting emerged at an incredibly young age. Before she even reached double digits, she was weaving melodies and lyrics alongside her siblings, signaling a future luminous with musical promise. Her exceptional talent did not go unnoticed. She would go on to feature in successful collaborations such as the soulful-house cover of Anita Baker’s classic “Whatever It Takes”, which was released under the prestigious DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings, and the self-penned single “Burning”, a musical gem that shone brightly on the legendary DJ Lenny Fontana’s New York-based Karmic Power Records.


Now ready to draw from the tapestry of her own life experiences, Nimiwari's music has evolved into a sound that reaches out to listeners, offering solace, encouragement, and a beacon of light in times of darkness.  

Anticipation is building in the global music community as Nimiwari collaborates with esteemed musicians across Europe and the US for her debut self- titled solo project, "Nimiwari." And in a befitting crescendo to her year, the EP's launch aligns with her self-produced show, "Dreamblazer", scheduled for December. This isn't just a debut; it's Nimiwari's proclamation to the world that she's arrived.



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